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We're very excited to launch our new and revised website! 

Why the change? We noticed that more than half of you shop via your mobile device. Although there was nothing critically wrong with our last website, it was not the most mobile friendly shopping experience. We've switched up our site to include edge-to-edge design, horizontal browsing, swipe functionality and pop-up menu options. You can now tap, swipe and scroll from home page all the way to check out. 

The new website also features a quick pop-up contact bar to maximize limited screen space and a new filter functionality (e.g. sort by $ high to low, or newest products first). Customer reviews now appear at the bottom of each product page.

A feature we're really excited about is the 'add to cart' bar. As soon as you're ready to add something to cart simply click 'Select Options' and from here you can see what sizes are in stock vs. what's sold out. Super easy!

You'll also notice our VONBON rewards program has received a fresh new look. It's much easier to view, redeem and claim coupons. You can also refer VONBON to your family and friends to receive additional points. You can access the rewards program from the bottom left hand corner of the home page.

Oh and we also now accept Apple Pay - yippee!

We hope you find the new website a breeze to navigate. We are always open to feedback so please email us at hello@vonbon.ca.

- the VONBON team