VONBON Customer Testimonials

“From the minute my Vonbon package arrived in the mail, I knew there was something special about this company. Not only had Jennifer added some special touches, such as sewing together the bag and including a thoughtful “thank you” note, but she also personally addressed my package complete with our Swank Mama logo! Little things like this definitely bring a smile to a mama’s face! As if all of the above wasn’t exciting enough, as soon as my hands touched the blanket and bandana/bib, I couldn’t stop touching it! The 100% organic cotton material is almost silky soft to the touch with just the right amount of thickness to ensure a quality product. And who wouldn’t want this silky soft goodness against their baby’s skin?!”
Kristina Cross Swankmama
“Hi Jen! I just received my order and I love everything about it. Seriously. Everything. The package it came in, the cute tags, the safety pin that attaches the tags. Honestly, it shows that thought and care went into these hats and bibs. Even the hand written note! I really appreciate that. I look forward to trying them on my son and I’ll send you some pics!”
Eliza Rafacz
“Vonbon has been incredibly popular with our customers. The fact that the line is locally made with quality organic cotton makes it an easy sale. The patterns and colour palettes are very fashion forward. The owners go above and beyond to keep our customers happy.”
Meadow Gifts + apparel
“These cloths are a must have and essential for every diaper bag! If you have a younger child they make great burping pads, but are also wonderful for cleaning up unexpected toddler messes. I can attest to that!”
one smiley monkey blog