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How to redeem your VONBON loyalty points

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Looking to redeem your VONBON loyalty points in time for our warehouse sale?

1. Visit our 'HOME' page and click the bottom left-hand corner 'VONBON REWARDS PROGRAM'.

2. You'll need to either 'LOG IN' or create an account with us (and then click the same 'VONBON REWARDS PROGRAM' again from the HOME page).

3. From here you can view, gain and redeem points. To redeem a $5/$10/$25 off coupon code, ensure you have earned enough points and click to redeem. You'll receive an email with a coupon code.

You'll also be able to track all coupons by following the same steps as above & clicking 'MY REWARDS'.

We are unable to redeem points on your behalf at the warehouse sale so please ensure you have the coupon code printed either as a hard copy or viewable on your phone.

Email us at hello@vonbon.ca if you have any issues.