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Partnership Passions

1.the state or condition of being a partner; participation; association; joint interest.
a.the relation subsisting between partners.
b.the contract creating this relation. association of persons joined as partners in business.

Partnership, such a powerful word. Why? Because two is stronger than one. In our situation, this is exactly the case. Being the youngest of three girls I would have to admit, I copied much of what my sisters did, said and liked. Although our career interests grew in different directions our passions stayed the same and ultimately we were able to put what skills we had acquired together to create something great! We feel so lucky to have such strong relationships as sisters and to be able to work together like we do. This connection is something we enjoy seeing in others, and lately have had the fortune to unite with. 

Casey and Sasha, two sisters that also shared a passion, opened their own boutique in historic Gastown called Meadow Gifts + Apparel. Offering handmade goods for men, woman and baby, this beautifully decorated shop will not let you go home empty handed.  With their great eye for style, the girls at Meadow came across Vonbon on Instagram and contacted us immediately to carry our products in their boutique. We were honored that they believed in our product so much and in no time at all we were making a delivery to our first retail location! We couldn't be happier to have shared this moment with these two amazing sisters.

Photo courtesy of Gillian Stevens

Artistic, unique and stimulating are a few words to describe what you will find at Part and Parcel. A collaboration of gifted photography and ingenious literature, Jennifer and Gillian are the masterminds behind this clever blog. During our first product delivery at Meadow Gifts + Apparel in Gastown, we had the pleasure of connecting with these incredibly talented ladies. With such a humbling group of woman to share our exciting day with, we were even more inspired by the beautiful post they featured, capturing our experience and better yet, our special partnership. Check out their blog to read more about their view on the sisterhood that created Vonbon. 

From one partnership to another we are all working toward something great - our passions! Congratulations to all of you powerful female partnerships! You really make us proud! 



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